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2013 Agency Update

This is a project that is in progress and is expected to deploy by the end of April. The IN.gov agency pages still have the 2007 layout and design that was implemented at that time. The aim of this project is to bring the look and feel a little more up to date but keep the existing layout. It also has a responsive fluid layout that is broken down into multiple break points so that all browsers, including smartphones, view the page consistently.


Indiana Charter School Board

This is a custom site designed for a sub-agency of the Indiana Department of Education. The agency had three main pages it wanted to highlight. They also wanted a flexible area to add images and event or news information.

To create this design, the layout was based on a 6-column grid with a responsive layout. It was made to be viewed on a desktop and mobile device.

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Indiana State Fair

I have been working with the Indiana State Fair since 2008 and have been updating their sites each year with a new layout and design. The 2012 design included a responsive mobile layout and added a "mega" menu for less user clicks.

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2012 Core Redesign

After redesigning the IN.gov core website in 2010, I wanted to further the design and focus more on a search based layout. IN.gov consists of 92+ agencies and users were consistently using the search option to find those sites. From a business perspective, we also wanted to highlight the services offered online. From the design, we wanted to showcase some of the places and events in Indiana.

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An usnused concept that was a personal favorite of mine is added below. Many of the elements from that design were added into the final.


2010 Core Redesign

Indiana Interactive manages all 92+ agencies of Indiana State Government. Indiana is the only state portal who has a common look and feel throughout every agency web site, making it easier for users to navigate through each one. In the last five years, there have been 2 redesigns to the core IN.gov web site. In 2010, we launched a design that focused more on highlighting current events and online services as well as utilizing familiar icons to achieve less user clicks. That next year, IN.gov received 3rd place in the Center for Digital Government Best of Web competition.

The redesign was an individual project that I worked on from start to finish. I assessed the statistics, addressed the user issues from online surveys, restructured the layout, created the mockups, coded the prototype and launched the site.

Avon High School Volleyball

I designed, coded and currently manage this site for the Avon High School Volleyball teams.

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Capitol Sports Center

Capitol Sports Center consists of 3 different sites which includes the Circle City Volleyball Club, Capitol Sports Center Tournaments and the Volleyball Shop.

The Circle City Volleyball Club site has information regarding team rosters, schedules, camps and is also a recruiting tool for college coaches.

The Tournaments site offers information regarding tournaments run by Capitol Sports Center, including a national tournament that brings over 600 teams to Indianapolis.

The Volleyball Shop is a small e-commerce site run through open-source software called Zen Cart. It offers name brand volleyball products from Nike, Baden and Active Ankle.

I designed and styled all three sites and coded the Volleyball Club and Tournaments sites.

Print Design


Indiana State Department of Health

State Plan

This was a 66 page document created for the Indiana Healthy Weight Initiative to display its 10 year mission to lower the obesity rate in the state of Indiana.

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Captivating Indoor Advertising


These print advertisements were hung in bathrooms of local establishments in Indiana.

Finish Line


This cover was chosen to be used for the monthly store catalog and the shoe spread was added to the 2004 spring Finish Line product catalog.